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KiOR receives fuel registration from EPA for renewable diesel

KiOR, Inc., a next-generation renewable fuels company, has been granted Part 79 (Title 40 CFR Part 79) registration for its Renewable Diesel Blendstock 5 by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The registration, required by manufacturers of motor vehicle fuels by the EPA, must be completed prior to the sale of the product. In July, KiOR had received Part 79 registration for its Renewable Gasoline Blendstock 5. (Earlier post.)

he receipt of the Part 79 registrations for our cellulosic gasoline and diesel from EPA coincides perfectly with the start-up of our first production facility in Columbus, Mississippi next month.

With registration for both our cellulosic gasoline and diesel completed, KiOR now has a clear path to market to provide renewable cellulosic fuels for American cars and trucks during the fourth quarter of this year.

—Fred Cannon, KiOR's President and CEO

KiOR is a development stage, next-generation renewable fuels company. KiOR combines a proprietary catalyst system with a biomass-to-renewable crude conversion technology to produce a high-quality oil called Re-Crude using a process similar to Fluid Catalytic Cracking used in the oil industry. Re-Crude is refined into gasoline and diesel blendstocks that are compatible with existing fuel infrastructure.


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