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KLD Energy Samsung SDI to partner on electric drive and battery systems for two-wheeled electric vehicles and other markets

KLD Energy Technologies, Inc., a developer of high-performance electric motor technology (earlier post), and Samsung SDI entered into a cooperative relationship to develop systems which will incorporate Samsung SDI’s lithium-ion battery cells and KLD’s electric vehicle drive technologies.

KLD Energy Technologies has developed an advanced, high-performance electric motor system technology for electric scooters and motorcycles. The motor, which uses a nano-crystalline composite material to conduct energy more efficiently than traditional, iron-core motors; controller; and battery pack are designed to work together to optimize system performance and regeneration.

As designed and applied for an electric scooter application, the KLD system delivers speeds of more than 80 km/h (50 mph) with more than 40% less power consumption than comparable systems and the highest regeneration efficiency in its class. Peak torque from the 5 kW motor is 140 N·m (103 lb-ft).

The KLD motor, with NdFeB/Neodymium magnets, is designed specifically for high frequency/low RPM operation, and eliminates the need for a transmission. The design is simple and reliable due to a single moving component.

The system is applicable in a broad range of high‐volume products that rely on efficient, high‐torque motors, according to KLD. Those industries include, but are not limited to, motorcycles and scooters, equipment for wind‐energy generation, elevators and escalators, air conditioners, pumps and three‐ and four‐wheel vehicles.

Samsung SDI is a global manufacturer of rechargeable batteries for electronics and vehicles.



How can an electric motor use 40% less energy than another e-motor?

If this can be done, electrified vehicles (2, 3 4+ wheels) would all benefit?


Maybe it's compared to the worst motors in its class, (the specify iron core, whereas they use Neodimium)?
Also, maybe it won't scale well above 5Kw (which is what, 6.7 HP?) because of resistance heating reduce magnetic field strength...just spitballing here.


They give an indication of where the power savings come from - better regen and eliminating the need for a gearbox and hence it's losses.


Electric scooters and bikes are a good solution to commuting as they don't need much power or large and expensive batteries.
Hence they should be reasonably cheap.
Also, if they replace 2 stroke scooters, they are taking very polluting vehicles off the roads.

The trick will be to make the cheap enough for sales to take off.

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