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Representatives from automakers are meeting with Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin and procurement experts to ask questions surrounding a recently issued multi-state request for proposal (RFP) for affordable and functional compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles for use in state automobile fleets.

The RFP resulted from a nationwide, bi-partisan effort led by Fallin and Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper. As of the beginning of August, 22 states had joined the RFP, indicating their intention to purchase CNG vehicles for use in state fleets.

The Governors hope that this new commitment will help overcome the obstacles, including limited infrastructure and consumer demand, which may be holding automakers back from producing a wider variety of CNG vehicles.

The objective behind our efforts is simple. We want auto manufacturers to know that states mean business and are strongly committed to the use of CNG vehicles in state fleets so more vehicles can become available to consumers.

—Gov. Fallin

The meeting, which is open to the public, is intended to provide a general overview of the RFP and an open-forum opportunity for dealers and automakers to ask questions of the states’ representatives.

While 14 Governors have signed a MOU in support of the initiative, in total 22 states have shown an interest in the RFP including Oklahoma, Colorado, Arkansas, Connecticut, Hawaii, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia and Wyoming.

The RFP was coordinated by the National Association of State Procurement Officials, which leverages the purchasing power of states by aggregating purchases on a variety of products.


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