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Remy Motor powering concept heavy-duty hybrid truck for MAN

Remy International, Inc. has completed a project with Benteler Engineering to develop a progressive concept heavy-duty hybrid truck for MAN. The vehicle, called the Metropolis, will use Remy’s HVH410 electric traction motor and generator, a customizable assembly that has been shown to have the highest efficiency and most power density available.

MAN, one of Europe’s leaders in transport-related engineering, enlisted Benteler as the system integrator for the Metropolis, which will be presented at the IAA 2012 Commercial Vehicles Motor Show, 20–27 September, in Hannover, Germany. The Metropolis is capable of performing heavy-duty transport tasks, such as refuse collection, without emissions and almost completely without noise.

A lithium-ion battery drives the HVH410 electric motor, with additional power and range extension supplied by an efficient diesel engine and HVH410 generator.



The Remy EV motors are high quality, very rugged + long life and deliver their max power and torque at relatively low RPM (1700 to 2000) for the high power liquid cooled units. When operated at 700 Volts their power density is 2.0 to 2.5 Kw/Kg, i.e. between 1500 and 2500 RPM but falls off at lower and higher RPM.


Historical data on Remy International.

1895 Founded by Frank & Peter Remy
1919 Sold to GM
1926 Merged with GM AC Delco
1994 Split from GM AC and sold to private investors
1994 Name changed to Delco-Remy
2004 Name changed to Remy International.

Remy specializes in vehicle electrical systems and has 48 plants in 11 countries. As many others, it has been moving out of USA at an accelerated rate during the late 15 years. Their latest very large plant is in China. The majority of their mass production facilities will soon be outside USA.

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