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SmartDrive study finds eco-driving improves fuel economy nearly 14% in waste-hauling fleets

Waste-hauling fleets can reduce fuel consumption by up to 13.9% by engaging in fuel-efficient, eco-driving best practices, according to a newly released study by SmartDrive Systems, a provider of driving intelligence solutions.

The study evaluated 193 waste-hauling trucks and drivers in multiple US locations to assess the effect of driving performance on fuel consumption and the impact of eco-driving training and in-vehicle instant feedback on improving fuel economy.

Data on the drivers’ performance was collected through SmartDrive sensors and recorders, then analyzed and scorecards were provided to drivers. After the control period and training, instant feedback on driving maneuvers and idling gave drivers the ability to adjust driving performance as it occurred.

Post-training performance was measured, showing substantial reductions in the number and severity of hard accelerations, hard braking and hard turns.

The study found that within two months, the top 25% of drivers improved their fuel economy from 2.52 mpg to 2.87 mpg, or 13.9%.



If all drivers in the US would drive more efficiently we could reduce our consumption by ten percent and basically crash the price of oil. However, we have been trained that only sissies drive efficiently, real men and women who want to have fun, drive with a lead foot. We've been trained to fail and we accept it willingly. We apparently don't really mind the oil companies, but we do hate those that would free us from them. We like what the oil companies do to us.


With FE under 3 MPG, some measure like hydraulic hybridization is called for.


B4....most of us have to be re-trained on many facts of life. Ignorance is often the main cause for bad behavior. Kinder gardens may be a good place to start. Kids could educate their parents and friends etc.

However, the Ads Industry does the opposite to convince future drivers to buy 5,000+ lbs gas guzzlers and drive them like mad men/women.

A few thousand well located (fixed and mobile) automated radar-cameras could put an end to that madness. The NET cost would be negative after a few short months. Car accident, road fatalities and Insurances could be reduce by 60+ % at no cost to governments and good drivers.


One well located $15,000 automated radar-camera produced over $18,000,000 in revenues last year and reduced accidents in the adjacent area by over 50%. The other 20 units did not ALL do as well but they all had more revenues (many times) than their initial cost. Over 100 new units will be added this year. One thousand units could do a very good province-wide job.

Those units do not require the implication of a very costly police force or vehicle. Over 99% did not require the courts either. Guilty drivers paid up when they saw the evidence. The passenger face/presence can be removed to avoid embarrassment.

Of course, all police unions are against the installation of those automates for very well known reasons such as job protection.


I forgot, all Oil Cos and fuel distributors and their lobbies (and politicians in their pockets), ambulances, hospitals, surgeons are also against those automatic stations because they reduce demands for their services and profit margins

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