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SORL launches electrically controlled power steering pump for the electric bus market in China

SORL Auto Parts, Inc., a Tier 1 supplier of brake and control systems to the global commercial vehicle industry, launched a new electrically controlled power steering pump for the electric bus market.

SORL’s electrically controlled power steering pump delivers higher efficiency and a longer life span than traditional hydraulic steering pumps, according to the company. A conventional hydraulic power steering pump is powered by the motor’s belt system. SORL’s electrically controlled power steering pump connects the pump and motor through an internally integrated electrical connection, which directly drives the pump using voltage and electric current adjustments to control the pump flow and pressure.

Oil spills from the traditional hydraulic power steering systems are avoided and the electrically controlled power steering pump’s service life and efficiency are increased. Installation and maintenance of the new electrically controlled power steering pump is eased due to its small size and compact structure. The pump provides smooth operations with low noise and little vibration, which improves the comfortable ride of the new energy buses.

China’s State Council recently issued the “energy-saving and new energy automotive industry development plan (2012-2020)” directive identifying that pure electric drive is the main strategic orientation of new energy vehicles. SORL says its mission is to help industrialize pure electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, promote and popularize non-plug-in hybrid vehicles, and enhance energy-saving combustion engine vehicles, to increase the overall technological level of China’s automotive industry.


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