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Contour Energy Systems, Inc, developer of new fluorine-based battery chemistries, nanomaterials science and manufacturing processes for lithium-ion energy storage systems (earlier post) is merging with Li-ion battery maker ActaCell Energy Systems, a spin-off from the University of Texas at Austin (earlier post.

Contour Energy was founded in 2007 out of the collaboration of Caltech and CNRS, the French National Center of Scientific Research. The company is leveraging new fluorine-based battery chemistries, nano-materials science and manufacturing processes to develop advanced primary and next-generation rechargeable battery systems.

ActaCell was also formed in 2007 by exclusively licensing Li-ion technologies developed at the University of Texas at Austin’s Material Sciences Program by Professor Arumugam Manthiram. ActaCell’s power cell chemistry incorporates a proprietary stabilized cathode material, which improves the calendar and cycle life challenges associated with Mn Spinel. ActaCell’s energy cell chemistry involves a novel nanocomposite alloy anode material to replace graphite in high-energy applications.

In joining forces with Contour Energy Systems, ActaCell adds critical mass in terms of resource support for existing and new market penetration, the companies said. Contour currently offers a line of advanced non-rechargeable (primary) batteries through a network of private-label resellers and direct sales channels worldwide. This network allows more rapid implementation of ActaCell’s current power cell rechargeable technology in several key markets, including portable power tools, grid stabilization and hybrid electric vehicle applications.

Our new partnership adds advanced rechargeable battery technology to the Contour product portfolio, allowing us to enter new markets. With Contour’s primary advanced power solutions and worldwide distribution network, we are confident of the positive impact these technologies will have in the energy storage market.

—Louis Lupo, CEO of Contour Energy Systems

This merger allows ActaCell the leverage needed to accelerate our technologies more rapidly into the market. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Contour Energy Systems, we have the support of a much broader base of investors, including Schlumberger and In-Q-Tel, to add to our existing investors of DFJ Mercury and Applied Ventures.

—Bill Ott, Vice-President and General Manager of ActaCell Energy Systems


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