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Applied Nanotech awarded DOE contract to develop ultra-lightweight hydrogen fuel tanks; seeking 20% weight reduction

Applied Nanotech Holdings, Inc. recently was awarded $999,990 for a Phase II Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) from the US Department of Energy to develop ultra-lightweight hydrogen fuel tanks using carbon nanotube (CNT) reinforcement.

This 24-month program has the overall objective significantly to improve the mechanical properties of the carbon fiber/epoxy material used to construct hydrogen fuel tanks with CNT reinforcement. The goal is to reduce the weight of the tanks by 20% or more.

A weight reduction of this magnitude will not only significantly lower the hydrogen fuel tank costs but also increase the vehicle’s fuel efficiency.

In addition to hydrogen storage vessels, this technology can also be used in compressed natural gas tanks. The International Association of Natural Gas Vehicles reported that sales of composite pressure vessels are expected to reach $250 million by 2013, and upwards of $560 million by the end of the decade.

Applied Nanotech has developed CNT reinforced polymers for fiber composites for a wide range of applications. Yonex Corporation uses Applied Nanotech technology in its ultra lightweight badminton racquets and golf club shafts. Applied Nanotech also recently launched CNTstix, a family of ultra-strong structural epoxy adhesives.


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