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Balqon Corporation introduces HIQAP-GS Li-ion battery for airport ground support equipment

Balqon Corporation, a developer of electric vehicles, drive systems and lithium-ion battery storage devices, has introduced a high-capacity lithium-ion battery replacement pack for electric-powered airport baggage tractors.

The new HIQAP-GS series battery pack is available in 48V and 80V configurations with capacity ranging from 400 Ah to 1,000 Ah, doubling the range of current fleets in operation. The HIQAP-GS pack design includes Balqon’s proprietary Battery Management System (BMS), a 5 kW built-in charger and control technology for direct replacement of lead acid battery packs.

We believe longer range, ability to fast charge vehicles and longer life of the HIQAP-GS will help airlines in adopting zero emission technologies to reduce operating and maintenance costs. Ability to fast charge HIQAP-GS batteries in less than one hour will allow customers to use existing electric tractors for two shift operations.

—Balwinder Samra, CEO of Balqon



The smallest capacity battery is 19.2 kWh.  With the 5 kW on-board charger at 50% duty cycle (plugged in when at the terminal), you could pump 20 kWh into the battery in an 8-hour shift.

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