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Partner Electric. Click to enlarge.

Peugeot is expanding its Partner vehicle range o include a battery-electric version. Equipped with an electric drive train fitted under the hood, the Partner Electric operates on two high-energy lithium-ion battery packs with a capacity of 22.5 kW/h. Fitted to the under body of the vehicle, either side of the rear axle, they preserve Partner’s road handling behavior as well as the useable dimensions of the load space.

Partner Electric uses a high performance and compact permanent magnet synchronous electric motor with power of 49kW (67bhp) and torque of 200N·m (148 lb-ft). The Partner Electric uses a constant single speed gear reduction unit.

The batteries will charge 6 to 9 hours at 16A; a fast charge (up to 125A) allows recovery of 80% of the capacity of the batteries in 30 minutes. The normal charging flap is located on the right hand front wing of the vehicle, while the fast charge socket takes the place of the fuel filler flap on the left hand rear wing.

The vehicle offers range of 170km (105 miles) on the European cycle (NEDC).

Available in two lengths (L1: 4.38m and L2: 4.63m), the Partner Electric offers the largest load volumes in the small van segment. The load volume of up to 3.3m3 for L1 with a load length of 1.80m and 3,7m3 for L2 with a load length of 2.05m, for a payload of up to 685kg, are the best in its category.

With its Multi-flex bench seat that can accommodate three people at the front, Partner Electric conserves the exclusive facility for modularity that has characterized Partner since its launch. The Multi-flex seat also allows the load volume to be increased to 400 liters. The load capacity is then lifted to 3.7m3 for L1 with a load length of 3m and to 4.1m3 for L2 with a load length of 3.25m.

As with the other Partner models, the new Partner Electric will be produced at PSA Peugeot-Citroën’s Vigo plant in Spain.



Great to see delivery vans available in electric forms.
Hope people will be able to afford them.

If you have a delivery round, you should know how long it is and accurately determine if the van has the range needed for it.

This is not like a domestic car where the occasional long trip is required - EVs should work well as urban delivery trucks.


Hell I want one for a family car!


This unit could compete with the Nissan NV200 planned for NYC e-taxis?


Peugeot/Citroen, just like Renault, do not sell in the US, so how on earth could anyone imagine they might be up to supply US taxis?

Bob Wallace

Perhaps by starting to sell in the US. I remember when BMW didn't sell in the US.

Everything has a beginning....


Please write "kWh" instead of "kW/h", which would not be an energy !

Prince Khartol

I like these high contrast, out of focus and brightly coloured shots.


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