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Antalya Metropolitan Municipality and Renault preparing a Zero Emissions Partnership

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality in Turkey and Renault signed an agreement to deploy a program to prepare a Zero Emissions Partnership.

This agreement aims to achieve a partnership for the promotion and deployment of the environmental friendly electric vehicles in Antalya. This partnership program will focus on the establishment in the territory of the prefecture of Antalya of a substructure of charging points for electric vehicles manufactured in Bursa Oyak Renault Automobile Plants since the end of 2011.

The parties have decided to start a work to promote electric vehicles which are manufactured in Oyak Renault Automobile Plants in Turkey within the boundaries of Antalya. To this end, a team will be set up until the end of 2012 in order to achieve concrete results regarding the establishment of an infrastructure that will allow the use of electric vehicles in the city.

The task force will be responsible for making proposals, including:

  • To increase the projects in Antalya which will enable the widespread use of electric vehicles around the axis of charging points;

  • To install and develop a network of charging points for electric vehicles;

  • To develop specific projects related to fleets, public spaces and urban areas; and

  • To review the various regulations regarding the installation and operation of charging points for electric vehicles.

Oyak-Renault began the mass production of Fluence’s electric version at the end of 2011.


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