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Renault Trucks introducing medium- and heavy-duty Euro VI engines at IAA

Euro VI-compliant DTI 11. Click to enlarge.

Renault Trucks will present its Euro VI compliant engines at the IAA show in Hanover. These will equip its trucks when the new standard becomes compulsory in January 2014 (January 2013 for new homologations).

To comply with the new regulation, the manufacturer is using different technologies, choosing the most appropriate and efficient in regards to the engine’s size and future application. This strategy will enable Renault Trucks to pursue a number of different aims: supply its customers with Euro VI compliant engines, while at the same time offering competitive fuel economy , reliability and maintainability similar or superior to the previous Euro V engines.

Engines for the heavy duty range (11 L and 13 L). For its heavy duty range, Renault Trucks will offer a new six-cylinder 11 L engine to be known as the DTI 11. This will be available with three power ratings: 380 hp (283 kW) and 1800 N·m (1,328 lb-ft); 430 hp (321 kW) and 2050 N·m (1,512 lb-ft); and 460 hp (343 kW) 2200 N·m (1,623 lb-ft).

Although its architecture has much in common with the Euro V engine, this latest model breaks new ground with its injection and emissions reduction systems. Injection is based on a common rail system, which offers the main advantage of supplying extremely accurate and high pressure injection, even at low engine speeds.

The DTI 11 engine is combined with an SCR aftertreatment system to comply with the Euro VI regulation. In order to provide optimal performance, this system must operate at sufficiently high temperature. Renault Trucks meets this requirement by combining different solutions, such as exhaust gas recirculation during engine start-up phases, the use of controlled valves at the intake and the exhaust as well as specific combustion strategies.

The aftertreatment system is fitted with a particulate filter, as is the case with all Renault Trucks Euro VI engines.

This technology has also been chosen for the new six-cylinder 13 L engine. However, this model features an electronic pump injector system, which is particularly suitable for engines with this displacement. The DTI 13 will be available with the following power ratings: 440 hp (328 kW) and 2,200 N·m (1,623 lb-ft); 480 hp (358 kW) and 2,400 N·m (1,770 lb-ft); and 520 hp (388 kW) and 2,550 N·m (1,881 lb-ft).

Engines for the medium duty range (5 and 8 L). For its medium duty range, Renault Trucks has developed a new four-cylinder, 5 L engine, to be known as the DTI 5. It will be available with 210 hp (157 kW) and 800 N·m (590 lb-ft); and 240 hp (179 kW) and 900 N·m (664 lb-ft) versions. As for the DTI 8, this features six cylinders in line with a displacement of 8 L. It will be available in 250 hp (186 kW) and 950 N·m (701 lb-ft); 280 hp (209 kW) and 1050 N·m (774 lb-ft); and 320 hp (239 kW) and 1200 N·m (885 lb-ft) versions.

The 5 and 8 L Euro VI engines are fitted with an EGR system. This recycles part of the exhaust gases during combustion and reduces the amount of NOx produced by the engine. The remaining NOx is then eliminated by catalysis via the SCR system. Finally, the particulate filter enables the vehicle to comply with the very low level of particle emissions demanded by the new standard.

This engine is equipped with a common rail type of injection with a maximum pressure of 2,000 bars. Thanks to the flexibility offered by multiple injection (up to 5 injection events per engine cycle) these engines deliver very high levels of performance in terms of consumption, noise and performance.

Renault Trucks is the second biggest company in the Volvo group, which has five heavy-duty reference brands on the world market: Renault, Volvo, Mack, Eicher Trucks and UD (Nissan Diesel).



This is where regulations pay off.


Gee Renualt releases 1980 era USA compliant engines, and HD thinks that is wonderful, that Euro bureaucrats finally got off their collective socialist GREEN asses and did something.

Did it ever occur to him that these engines are too polluting to be allowed in America for over thirty years?

Apparently not.


@D I'm not sure what your point is? The technologies used on these heavy truck diesel engines are the latest generation, which makes them even cleaner than current US EPA10 engines.

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