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UK driveline technology specialist Xtrac has designed a new, low-cost and efficient transmission for the StreetScooter GmbH electric vehicle business based in Aachen. The single-speed gearbox and differential, developed for front-wheel drive vehicles, is making its debut this week in a prototype urban delivery van at the IAA Commercial Vehicle exhibition in Hannover.

Xtrac 1117 electric vehicle transmission. Click to enlarge.

Xtrac has built three of the transmissions for test and development, and is closing in on final validation of the design, said Clive Woolmer, general manager of Xtrac’s automotive and engineering business.

It was a challenging brief as StreetScooter aims to build a low cost vehicle in relatively low volumes. The best way to achieve this in the transmission has been to keep it simple with as few parts as possible, but offering a high level of reliability and durability to minimise operating costs during the life of the vehicle—a key requirement for any tradesman and commercial vehicle operator.

—Clive Woolmer

Xtrac will soon build an additional 65 transmissions at its factory in Berkshire. Much of this pre-production manufacturing is aimed at a large scale appraisal by a major fleet operator prior to commencing low volume series production.

The electric van has been developed by the specialist vehicle manufacturer StreetScooter GmbH as a multi-functional light commercial vehicle for a variety of service industry and trade roles. The extended wheelbase pre-production model at IAA has a cargo capacity of about four cubic meters. It is designed for city use and has a power rating of 30-45kW (40-60bhp) generated by a lithium-ion battery and induction motor. Maximum range is 120km (75 miles) and the maximum speed is 85 km/h (53 mph).


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