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Altairnano to provide 2MW Li-ion storage system for solar project in Puerto Rico

Altair Nanotechnologies Inc. will provide a 2MW ALTI-ESS Advantage advanced energy storage system to provide ramp-rate control for smoothing the power fluctuations associated with photovoltaic applications in addition to frequency regulation for the San Fermin 26 MW photovoltaic solar farm in Loiza, Puerto Rico.

The ALTI-ESS Advantage is Altairnano’s newest product for the electric grid market. Building upon the 1 MW ALTI-ESS, the Advantage system provides twice as much power in a container almost 25% smaller, and can achieve peak power of 3.6 MW.

The batteries are housed in a standard 40-foot container that also includes fire safety, heating and cooling, and computer systems necessary to operate the system. Using Altairnano’s proprietary nano-lithium-titanate chemistry, the batteries are able to last four to six times longer than competitive products, while providing the high-power rapid charging capabilities that are required for frequency regulation, the company says. The Advantage was engineered from the ground up to cost significantly less than the product it replaced.

Altair was selected by by Uriel Renewables Inc. and Coqui Power LLC, a joint development effort for the deployment of solar photovoltaic projects in Puerto Rico, together with TSK Solar, a leading energy EPC contractor and engineering firm.

The system will satisfy the technical requirements established by the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA). Altairnano will deliver, install and commission the system before 31 December 2012.


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