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Biorefinery company Biodico has signed a new agreement with the US Navy for the development and evaluation of advanced biofuels and bioenergy. The goal of the collaboration—which is partially supported by grants from the California Energy Commission—is to develop jointly renewable fuel and energy technologies that are appropriate for use at US Naval and DoD facilities worldwide.

The collaboration between the Navy and Biodico will optimize the operation of sustainable biorefineries producing renewable petroleum diesel equivalent liquid fuels, bio-based products and energy using renewable resources at Department of Defense (DoD) facilities. The optimization is intended to allow production at the lowest possible cost.

The production process will also benefit the commercial sector by providing a cost-effective process to produce renewable fuel and energy in a sustainable manner.

Work under the new contract will include a range of technologies including but not limited to transesterification, gasification, gas to liquids, hydrogenation, anaerobic digestion, catalysis, and the production and processing of feedstocks and co-products.

As part of this agreement we are building a sustainable biorefinery at Naval Base Ventura County that will produce biofuel and bioenergy at prices competitive with unsubsidized conventional fuel and power. The facility is privately funded, with some of the innovations supported by grants from the California Energy Commission. Sen. Pavley’s landmark initiatives have helped make this project possible.

—Biodico’s President and Founder, Russell Teall

Biodico is a privately held company that builds, owns and operates sustainable biorefineries, conducts research, development, and feasibility studies, and collaborates with strategic partners to implement new initiatives.


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