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ChargePoint 4.0 EV charging network goes live

ChargePoint announced the availability of the ChargePoint 4.0 platform for electric vehicle drivers and charging station owners. ChargePoint 4.0 is a free upgrade for all ChargePoint account holders and is now live for all station owners and drivers.

For station owners, ChargePoint 4.0 offers new features including: ChargePoint Connections; support for multi-site deployments; and additional pricing models for charging services. ChargePoint 4.0 optimizes management workflows, allowing station owners to operate more efficiently and with less effort while maintaining tight control over access and management rights, according to the company.

For EV drivers, ChargePoint 4.0 provides a new look as well as improved navigation. Drivers can now access dashboards to help quickly find stations, plan trips and track usage. Also, ChargePoint Connections allows them to connect with a growing list of businesses that provide charging via ChargePoint and special offers and discounts.

For organizations considering offering EV charging services, ChargePoint is introducing “ChargePoint Test Drive”, a free seven-day trial to experience all that the ChargePoint 4.0 services platform has to offer.



It also allows merchant owners to give free charging to customers that buy in their stores..

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