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Intelligent Energy and IndianOil partnering on hydrogen fuel cell projects in India

Intelligent Energy and Indian Oil Corporation Limited, India’s largest oil & gas company, signed a Statement of Intent to initiate demonstration projects and work collaboratively to develop the use of hydrogen in a range of fuel cell power systems in the Indian market.

Under the agreement, IndianOil and Intelligent Energy will prepare a multi-phased program to demonstrate and eventually deploy hydrogen-based power systems applications. The collaboration will demonstrate the most appropriate applications for fuel cells using hydrogen generated by IndianOil. This will include exploring applications such as material handling, telecom towers and motive applications, with direct relevance to the growing need in India to adopt low-carbon and high air-quality power system technologies.

IndianOil’s exploration of renewable energy is aimed not only towards the diversification of its energy portfolio but also to alleviate energy poverty and improve energy access at the ‘base of the pyramid’ in India.


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