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JGC awarded EPC contract for CoolGen coal IGCC demonstration plant in Japan

Japan-based JGC Corporation recently was awarded a contract by Osaki CoolGen Corporation for engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services of the core facilities for an Integrated Coal Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) demonstration plant. The lump-sum turnkey contract calls for the EPC services associated with construction of gas purification and other core facilities for an oxygen-blown Integrated Coal Gasification Combined Cycle demonstration plant with a generating capacity of 170MW class. The project is scheduled for completion in February of 2017 and located in Chugoku Electric Osaki power station (Osakikamijima-cho, Toyota-gun, Hiroshima).

Osaki CoolGen Corporation is a 50-50 joint venture between Chugoku Electric Power Co, Inc. (the Chugoku Electric) and Electric Power Development Co., Ltd. (J-POWER).

Overview of the proposed CoolGen system. Click to enlarge.

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) has been promoting research initiative to realize zero-emission coal-fired thermal power generation by using Integrated Coal Gasification Fuel Cell Combined Cycle (IGFC) technology in combination with carbon capture and storage. The CoolGen demonstration plant is a part of this initiative.

The first stage of the research involves testing IGCC technology in a demonstration plant. The second stage will be to incorporate carbon capture and storage facilities, and the third stage will be to incorporate fuel cells. Osaki CoolGen Corporation has received funding from METI to design and construct the first stage, the IGCC demonstration plant. The oxygen-blown coal IGCC demonstration plant will form the base on which to build up IGFC technology, so the first stage of the project is of vital importance.

The oxygen-blown coal IGCC demonstration plant facilities include a coal handling system, oxygen-blown coal gasifier, gas purification unit, sulfur recovery unit, air separation unit, wastewater treating unit, gas turbine combined cycle power generation unit (GTCC), and other associated equipment. Of these facilities, JGC will be responsible for EPC and commissioning work for the gas purification unit, incinerator and sulfur recovery unit, air separation unit, wastewater treating unit, and other associated equipment.

JGC has previously conducted numerous successful projects involving gasification technology with various feedstocks. These projects include JGC’s contribution to the construction of the world’s largest Gas to Liquids (GTL) plant in Qatar, as well as construction of residual oil integrated gasification combined cycle power generation plant at the Negishi Refinery in Yokohama, owned by JX Nippon Oil & Energy.



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