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Lexus reveals second version of LF-LC hybrid sports car concept; Advanced Lexus Hybrid Drive develops 500 hp

Lexus Australia revealed the second version of the Lexus LF-LC hybrid concpet, which made its debut at the Detroit Auto Show earlier this year (earlier post), the new LF-LC Blue.

Lexus LF-LC Blue. Click to enlarge.

New to LF-LC and derived from project LFA, LF-LC leverages Lexus’ in-house experience in marrying carbon fiber and aluminium alloy materials to achieve a light body mass.

The Advanced Lexus Hybrid Drive features an Atkinson cycle combustion engine mated to an advanced high-energy battery pack. The high-energy battery pack is designed to deliver greater power from a smaller battery than those currently used in Lexus’ range of hybrid vehicles. Combined, the LF-LC Blue concept’s gasoline/electric hybrid powertrain develops 372 kW (500 hp)— the most of any Lexus hybrid.

Lexus Australia’s Tony Cramb said that LF-LC Blue is a demonstration of what the future may hold for sports cars.

LF-LC is part concept, part reality: the concept hints at what’s to come from Lexus, while the reality has us actively studying how we can engineer and build a vehicle like this in the future.

—Tony Cramb



A good test bed for future, high power, light weight, Toyota electrified vehicles?

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