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Canada’s NRC flies the first civil jet powered by 100% ReadiJet biofuel

The National Research Council of Canada (NRC) has flown the first civil jet powered by 100% unblended biofuel. (Earlier post.)

The ReadiJet biofuel used for this flight was transformed by Applied Research Associates and Chevron Lummus Global, using oilseed crops commercialized by Agrisoma Bioscience Inc. The ReadiJet effort combines ARA’s catalytic hydrothermolysis process with Chevron Lummus Global’s ISOCONVERSION process technology to create drop-in biofuels ready to use at 100% levels in jet and diesel engines, eliminating the need for blending with petroleum-derived fuels. This aviation initiative is funded by the Government of Canada’s Clean Transportation Initiatives and the Green Aviation Research and Development Network.

The test plane was an NRC Falcon 20; a second aircraft, a T-33, tailed the Falcon in flight and collected information on the emissions generated by the biofuel. Researchers at the National Research Council will analyze this information to better understand the environmental impact of biofuel. Preliminary results are expected to be released in the following weeks.



Not so sure that burning edible oil in a Jet instead of feeding hungry people with it is a good solution, specially for Canada with lots of lower cost fossil fuel.

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