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Siemens and Streetline launch smart parking project in Braunschweig, Germany

Siemens and Streetline, Inc. have launched a smart parking project in the City of Braunschweig, Germany. The project is locally-led by BELLIS, a public-private partnership from Siemens AG and the Braunschweiger Versorgungs AG & Co. KG. The advanced parking technology monitors parking space availability, distributes real-time parking information to Streetline’s free “Parker” smartphone app, and tracks parking patterns and habits to help City officials better manage parking throughout the City.

This is the first advanced parking project implemented jointly by Siemens and Streetline in Europe. The announcement was made from the ITS World Congress being held this week in Vienna, Austria

The City of Braunschweig approved installation of parking sensors and networking equipment to monitor real-time data in designated parking locations throughout Kurst-Schumacher-Str, Nimes-Str and Tauben-Str. “Parker” by Streetline provides drivers with the location and general availability of parking spaces, shows the amount of parking time remaining, and allows users to pay for parking via their mobile phone where available. The advanced parking project will also provide a platform for DLR (German Aerospace Center) to do ongoing research on parking infrastructure and services, as part of their Transportation and Mobility portfolio.

One major factor contributing to city traffic congestion is motorists searching for parking. This modern technology from Streetline provides motorists an easier, more efficient way to find an available parking spot and provides the City of Braunschweig a cost-effective way to improve quality of life in their town in a time when city budgets have never been tighter.

—Hauke Juergensen, CEO Intelligent Traffic Systems, Siemens

Siemens and Streetline announced a partnership earlier this year to offer integrated parking solutions to municipalities around the globe. In addition to the project in Braunschweig, Germany, Siemens and Streetline recently launched a smart parking deployment in Reno, Nevada.

Streetline’s parking solutions have been successfully implemented in a number of other cities including Los Angeles, CA, Indianapolis, IN, and Washington, DC.


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