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Investors in Paseo Biofuels, LLC, the Missouri Soybean Association (MSA) and Cargill announced an expansion to the Paseo biodiesel plant in Kansas City, Mo. that will increase biodiesel production capacity by 40%. Using soybean oil as its primary feedstock, the facility, which opened in 2008, produces 40 million gallons of biodiesel and 30 million pounds of food-grade glycerin annually. The expansion is expected to be complete by March 2013.

Paseo started out of an effort in 2006 with an equity drive in which more than 650 agricultural producers in Missouri purchased shares in Paseo Biofuels, LLC, which formed a joint venture with Cargill to help realize the facility. It is located near the Paseo Bridge in Kansas City, Mo.

The business model has been ideal. Co-locating the biodiesel plant next to a soybean crushing facility reduces cost, saves time and money while working with three great partners.

—Dale R. Ludwig, Executive Director/CEO Missouri Soybean Association



USA and most other countries do not have enough farm land to grow enough feed stock for the liquid fuels they consume. USA is on the wrong track. It is not a good nor recommendable solution because of the direct effect on food price and availability.

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