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SPX Service Solutions to distribute and install Plugless Power wireless electric vehicle charging systems

Evatran has signed an agreement with SPX Service Solutions to distribute and install Plugless Power wireless electric vehicle (EV) charging systems. (Earlier post.) These systems, available to individual Nissan LEAF and Chevrolet Volt owners starting in April 2013, require station installation in customers’ homes, as well as the installation of an adapter onto the undercarriage of the EV. Service Solutions will be launching a program to provide both parts of the installation process at the EV owner’s home.

Plugless Power is a Level 2 (240V at 30A, 3.3 kW rated power output) inductive charging system, with a transfer efficiency of 90%.

Service Solutions will be selling the wireless charging systems through both its website and over-the-phone sales channels. Service Solutions kicked off its charging station manufacturing, distribution and installation business more than two years ago with the goal of becoming a leader in the growing electric vehicle charging infrastructure space. Service Solutions has a network of more than 900 certified and trained installation and service staff across the country, and has successfully distributed over 13,000 charge stations, including the Power Xpress, Voltec, ChargePoint, Blink and GE WattStation brands. Plugless Power is the company’s first wireless charging product line.

If a customer selects Service Solutions installation services with his purchase of Plugless Power, the customer’s installation process will be completely managed by Service Solutions including:

  • Free pre-installation survey: Service Solutions will provide a site survey at no cost to the customer, to ensure all installation costs are understood prior to wireless system installation.

  • 240V charging station installation: Based on the customer’s targeted charging location, Service Solutions will manage the permitting, electrical work, and physical charging station installation process for the customer. The customer will receive updates as the process is completed.

  • Vehicle adapter installation: Service Solutions will provide vehicle installation services for both the Nissan LEAF and Chevrolet Volt models at the customer’s home. The vehicle process is expected to take about 90 minutes.



On their website they say that they are 'aiming at' a cost of under $3,000.
They give the efficiency from the wall to the battery charger in the car at 90% and say that the unit gives guidance to make sure it is easy to align to the pad.


Kudo's to someone willing to take the lead in this. Inductive charging and on-board range extenders are the two big pieces of the puzzle that will aid in customer acceptance. Of course, the price needs to come down, but that will happen with volume.


This is great, the handicapped and aged will not be left out.. 90% efficiency means about $40 in electrical losses yearly for the average driver... less if you have solar panels.


This is one of the good solution for future EVs.

A Smart Highway is being built in Holland to supply on-the-move wireless charging lane for equipped electrified vehicles. This would solve e-range current limitations. EVs could drive 24/7 non-stop on Smart Highways.


'A Smart Highway is being built in Holland to supply on-the-move wireless charging lane for equipped electrified vehicles.'

No its not.
That is a highway with built in lighting in the road, not inductive charging as yet AFAIK.
They are just thinking about that.

If I am mistaken please provide references.


Other innovations to debut in the coming years include an induction priority lane that will charge electric cars as they drive, presumably via induction coils that are powered by wind.


Cadilac EREV shall have preinstalled wireless charging.

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