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Volkswagen and BASF present the first “Science Award Electrochemistry” to Dr. Naoaki Yabuuchi, Tokyo University of Science; Li-ion and Na-ion battery research

The first international “Science Award Electrochemistry” from BASF and Volkswagen (earlier post) goes to Dr. Naoaki Yabuuchi, Tokyo University of Science, Institute for Science and Technology, Tokyo, Japan. The jury of experts from BASF, Volkswagen and representatives from the world of science selected Yabuuchi for results of his research on different battery technologies.

Yabuuchi has showed, among other things, how new battery materials can improve the efficiency of lithium-ion and sodium-ion batteries.

The “Science Award Electrochemistry” aims to promote outstanding scientific and engineering achievements and provide an incentive for the development of high-performance energy stores. The award is endowed with prize money of €50,000 (US$65,000).


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