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CLEVER chooses ABB to supply 51 DC fast chargers for network in Denmark

CLEVER, a leading electric mobility operator (EMO) in Denmark has chosen ABB to supply 50 Terra 51 DC fast chargers at multiple locations throughout Denmark. ABB’s Terra 51 is specially designed for freeway driving and is capable of charging an electric vehicle in 30 minutes or less. The first six ABB Terra 51 fast charge stations are due to be delivered and installed this week and represent the largest deployment of smart electric vehicle chargers in Denmark.

The remaining fast chargers will be installed and fully deployed within six weeks.

CLEVER’s network of DC fast chargers and AC chargers builds on Denmark’s commitment towards becoming independent of fossil fuels by 2050.

Each web-connected ABB fast charger is capable of a full range of connectivity features, including remote assistance, management and servicing and smart software upgradeability. With the high share of intermittent renewable energy in the Danish electricity mix, smart charging becomes increasingly important. ABB’s connected chargers are ready to be connected to any smart electricity distribution system or smart grid.

—Hans Streng SVP, GM Product Group EV Charging Infrastructure

CLEVER will manage the installation of the fast charger stations in conjunction with their consumer network operating services. In addition to supplying the fast chargers, ABB will also deliver support services and maintenance.



Not too bad for first generation DC quick chargers. Next generation will certainly do much better with charging capacity of 100 to 200 kWh. New connectors $ flex cables will have to be developed-adopted.


These are chademo chargers.


Why does the intermittent mix require smart chargers ?

I assume that when you pull up to a charger, you want the power right now (or as soon as the guy in front has finished) - you do not want to wait until the wind has hit 6 m/sec.

I can appreciate that overnight, or all day charging can benefit from "Smart" (i.e. when there is a lot of wind) charging - but high speed charging - I don't think so.

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