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EnerDel announces 3-year product warranty on all its standard Li-ion packs and systems

Li-ion battery and systems manufacturer EnerDel, Inc. is now offering a full three-year product warranty on all of its standard packs and systems. EnerDel manufactures lithium-ion batteries and energy storage systems for electric utility, transportation and industrial applications.

In addition to a three-year product warranty, EnerDel also offers an extended warranty and post-sale care through its service and maintenance programs. EnerDel also offers product warranties for customers seeking customized battery and energy storage solutions.



They should have internet sales. You know, put a website up with the specs on the batteries, the price, a credit card information page, and a box to choose the quantity and then actually sell some batteries.

I know, their excuse will be that the average consumer will burn down their house through stupid activities and then blame the company for supplying a dangerous product and the lawyers and the judges will pile on to get their cut of the money.

I guess that's correct. I suppose the sloth and greed of america will be it's downfall. Oh well, it was a good ride while it lasted. I wonder who the next empire will be?


They may not want to bother with lots of small sales. UQM quoted me $25,000 for ONE motor that they probably sell for $2500 in quantity. They just don't want to waste the time.


do they cover capacity degradation?


These are surely not automotive grade which requires 10 years warranty.


"These are surely not automotive grade which requires 10 years warranty."

Only if used in hybrids or plug-in hybrids since it affects the emissions of the vehicle.. pure BEVs have no such requirement.


I think only CARB states require a 10 year / 150k mile warranty.. otherwise its 8 years / 100k miles


Right. It has to be engineered to ensure durability and reliability to sell in all states.

As for EV, I think they will sell more if they are required to have the same warrenty as hybrid battery.

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