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Fairchild Semiconductor introduces Silicon Carbide (SiC) technology for power conversion systems

Fairchild Semiconductor is introducing silicon carbide (SiC) technology solutions suited for power conversion systems.

Among the first products to be released in Fairchild’s SiC portfolio is a family of advanced SiC bipolar junction transistors (BJTs) that offer high efficiency, high-current density, robustness, and easy high-temperature operation. By leveraging exceptionally efficient transistors, Fairchild’s SiC BJTs enable higher switching frequencies due to lower conduction and switching losses (ranging from 30-50%) that provide up to 40% higher output power in the same system form factor.

Enabling the use of smaller inductors, capacitors and heat sinks, these BJTs can lower overall system costs up to 20%.

Fairchild, as part of a complete silicon carbide solution, also has developed “plug-n-play” discrete driver boards (a 15A and 50A version) that, when used in conjunction with Fairchild's advanced SiC BJTs, not only provide increased switching speeds for reduced switching losses and better reliability, but also allow designers to easily implement SiC technology into their applications.



Nothing about operating temperature.  If the bond wires and cases can tolerate the same elevated temperatures as the SiC devices themselves, air cooling can replace liquid cooling in many high-power applications.  This means lower cost and greater reliability.

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