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Hertz and Liberty Tire launch national tire recycling program

The Hertz Corporation and Liberty Tire Recycling are launching the first nationwide tire recycling program in the US car rental industry. Liberty Tire Recycling is the largest tire recycling company in North America and converts used tires into rubber feedstock and other materials that can be used for a wide variety of eco-friendly products and services.

Hertz will leverage Liberty’s nationwide service to collect its used tires, more than 160,000 annually, which will be transformed into a range of products for playgrounds, public parks, highways and other applications.

Liberty provides recycled rubber feedstock which produces a range of products including:

  • Landscaping & home garden: Liberty converts tires into rubber mulch that is non-allergenic and harmless to plants, pets and children. Rubber mulch resists washing away during heavy rains, and will not sustain mold, fungus growth or insect infestation.

  • Flooring & playground markets: Kid-friendly mats and playground safety surfacing.

  • Faster train speeds: The finely powdered crumb rubber is a key ingredient in new composite crossties, the greenest solution for railroad tracks. Composite ties replace toxic preservative-filled hardwood ties with a solution that lasts longer and allows for heavier loads, faster train speeds and more safety.

  • Rubberized asphalt: Highways modified with recycled tire rubber are now being constructed that ride quieter, last longer, and use significantly less paving material than traditional asphalt. Up to 8,000 tires are used in each lane mile of pavement. Because some applications of rubber asphalt are thinner than traditional conventional asphalt methods, less paving material is used.

As part of its sustainability efforts, Hertz offers a collection of alternative fuel and high MPG vehicles—from electric vehicles (EVs) to advanced diesel—in its Green Traveler Collection lineup. Additionally, Hertz’s car sharing service, Hertz On Demand, offers EV options, including the Nissan LEAF, Chevy Volt and Mitsubishi iMiev. Recently, Hertz also expanded its electric car rental program through a pilot initiative with Plugless Power, which allows EVs to charge without being plugged into an outlet.


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