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ITM Power and ABO Wind to develop wind-to-hydrogen projects in the UK, Ireland and Germany

ITM Power signed an agreement with ABO Wind of Wiesbaden, Germany to identify and develop wind-to-hydrogen projects in the UK, Ireland and Germany.

ABO Wind initiates wind farm projects, acquires site locations, organizes all technical and business planning, arranges international bank financing and delivers turnkey wind farms. To date, ABO Wind has connected more than 350 turbines with a total capacity of more than 600 megawatts through projects in the UK, Europe and Latin America.

In addition to managing its own projects developed after commissioning, ABO Wind takes on the commercial and technical management of wind farms on behalf of international operators. ABO Wind manages 297 wind farms.

ITM Power is gaining an international reputation in the area of hydrogen energy systems and we are looking forward to delivering some world-leading MW-scale projects together with our partner.

—ABO Wind Head of Prototype Projects, Thomas Nietsch



Will this become one of the future Big Wind?

Will it get as many or more subsidies as Big Oil?


No this is more about finding places where hydrogen is valueable enough to make a good profit making it from wind... h2 is after all an extremely useful product in its own right.

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