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Jupiter Tech licenses FT catalyst technologies from Louisiana Tech

Louisiana-based Jupiter Fuels, a new sister development company of ASI, has licensed nano-engineered Fischer-Tropsch catalyst technologies from Louisiana Tech University. Exploiting advances in bulk-process nanomaterials, the Louisiana Tech scientists developed novel catalysts that significantly lower the pressures required for fuel conversion.

Using previous technologies, building a gas-to-liquid plant designed to produce 5,000 gallons per day of liquid fuel would cost on the order of $500 million, notes Jupiter. Jupiter Fuels says its approach promises to cut building costs in half and lower operating costs because of significantly lower pressures and more efficient catalysts for fuel-conversion operations. Lower capital and operating costs allow companies to take the development risks and exploit US natural gas reserves for liquid-fuel production.

ASI research teams are exploring other nanoscience breakthroughs from the research at Louisiana Tech University. Researchers at Louisiana Tech specialize in bulk-process methods for commercial applications.

Jupiter Fuels is developing a prototype production plant in North Louisiana that will prove the economics of more efficient gas-to-liquid fuel conversion at lower pressure.



exploit US natural gas reserves for liquid-fuel production...

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