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KLD Energy and Cenntro Group to develop 4-wheel EVs with KLD drive system

KLD Energy Technologies, a developer of high-performance electric motor technology (earlier post), and Cenntro Group Limited, a developer of diesel and LPG powertrains for industrial, agricultural, transportation and construction equipment worldwide, entered into a relationship jointly to develop 4-wheel electric vehicles which will incorporate KLD’s electric vehicle drive system technologies.

Some of the first systems planned to go into the market will be the Utility Electric Vehicle (UEV), an off-road and on-road work and maintenance vehicle; the Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV), a low-speed vehicle; and the Intra-city Logistic Vehicle (ILV), a compact delivery vehicle similar to those used by major overnight delivery services.

The initial focus is on the US, Europe and China, with the electric vehicle market in China expected to be among the fastest growing in the world.

KLD’s system comprises the motor, battery pack and controller. KLD and Samsung SDI recently entered into a cooperative relationship jointly to develop battery systems which will incorporate Samsung SDI’s lithium-ion battery cells and KLD’s electric vehicle drive technologies.

Cenntro Group Limited owns a number of operations in China and the United States including Zenith Power Products, LLC and Xinchang Cenntro Machinery Co., Ltd. and is a major shareholder of Sinomachinery Group Limited. This group of companies design, manufacture and market diesel, gasoline and liquid propane engines, transmission systems and integrated power solutions.


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entered into a strategic relationship and an agreement with China-based Amperex Technologies Ltd. (ATL) to expand the use of nickel-manganese-cobalt (NMC) cathode materials in lithium-ion batteries targeted at consumer electronics and automotive applications.Relationship Advice by Ovulation Cal

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