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Miami-Dade County in south Florida has placed a follow-on order for 29 Autocar E3 refuse trucks featuring Parker Hannifin’s RunWise series hydraulic hybrid technology. (Earlier post.)

Miami-Dade used funding from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to purchase 15 of the vehicles as part of the National Clean Diesel Campaign’s Emerging Technologies List. RunWise is the only drivetrain technology on the list.

Beyond brake energy recovery capabilities and reduced noise levels, the Autocar refuse trucks equipped with RunWise technology commonly demonstrate annual fuel savings in the range of 35-50% (equivalent to a 50-100% improvement in fuel economy measured in miles per gallon) for the automatic side loader, reusing as much as 71% of the vehicle’s braking energy. Additional benefits include reduced maintenance costs, less engine wear and tear as well as extended brake life.

The RunWise version of the Autocar refuse trucks is currently in operation in Miami-Dade County and a number of cities around the country including in Hialeah, Florida; Miami, Florida; Seymour, Indiana and Austin, Texas.



Doubling stop-go mpg is impressive.


This seems to be a win-win solution using existing technologies?


This is such a no brainer. But I would love to see the spreadsheet of initial capital costs versus fuel and maintenance savings over an X year useful life. If it pencils out, then no garbage truck in the US should ever be sold without a hybrid system.

Next: yellow school buses!

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