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Parker Aerospace and GE Aviation launch JV for aircraft engine fuel nozzles; enhanced performance for GE engine platforms

Parker Aerospace and GE Aviation reached an agreement to form a joint venture, Advanced Atomization Technologies, LLC, to enhance the development and manufacture of commercial aircraft engine fuel nozzles.

The 50-50 joint venture—created specifically to produce fuel nozzles for current and future GE Aviation commercial engine platforms (including aerospace and aero-derivative engines)—will be located in the Parker Gas Turbine Fuel Systems Division facility in Clyde, New York. No financial information on the joint venture has been disclosed.

Pairing Parker’s fuel nozzle technology and GE’s advanced TAPS combustion technology will reduce engine emissions while increasing fuel efficiency; two of the most important elements for enhanced engine performance, according to the partners. Joint development and manufacturing expertise will result in superior fuel nozzles in future products.

GE Aviation is currently developing a new family of engines for the aerospace industry including LEAP (in partnership with Snecma), GE9X and Passport. These important new programs are expected to fuel growth for the joint venture.

Advanced Atomization Technologies is the latest in a line of strategic GE Aviation joint ventures that includes CFM International—the highly successful engine partnership with Snecma—plus partnerships with Aircelle, BAE, Safran, SKF and NCK.


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