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Cumulative sales of Toyota Motor hybrids top 2M units in Japan, 4.6M worldwide; 1.02M from Jan to Oct. (corrected)

Global annual sales of TMC hybrids. Data: TMC. Click to enlarge.

Cumulative sales in Japan of Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) hybrid vehicles—including plug-in hybrids—reached 2.04 million units as of 31 October. Globally, cumulative sales of TMC-produced hybrid vehicles since the first was launched in 1997 have now topped 4.60 million units, with 1.02 million selling from January 1 through October 31 this year.

Of the global 4.6 million units, the Prius family accounts for 3.3 million (71.5%): 2,804.9 million Prius; 224,000 Prius α (Prius v); 259,700 Aqua (Prius c). The hybrid model with the next highest cumulative sales is the Camry (317,200)—6.9% of the global total—followed by the RX 400h/RX 450h with 256,600 units (5.6%).

As of the end of October 2012, there are 19 TMC-produced hybrid passenger car models and one plug-in hybrid vehicle model available in approximately 80 countries and regions around the world. In Japan, TMC produces 15 hybrid passenger car models and one plug-in hybrid vehicle model. Cumulative global sales of TMC-produced hybrid vehicles topped the 4-million-unit mark at the end of April this year.

Globally, Toyota plans to launch 20 new hybrid models by the end of 2015 and will make further efforts to expand its hybrid vehicle product lineup and sales territories. In Japan, the launch of the Aqua hybrid compact hatchback (Prius c) and rising awareness of hybrid vehicles have pushed the percentage of hybrid vehicles sold higher each year. Approximately 40% of Toyota’s sales in Japan and 14% of global sales are hybrid vehicles.

Toyota calculates that as of 31 October, TMC-produced hybrid vehicles sold since 1997 have reduced CO2 emissions by approximately 30 million tons worldwide and approximately 9 million tons in Japan compared to the amount of emissions from gasoline-powered vehicles of similar size and driving performance.

Furthermore, Toyota estimates that its hybrid vehicles have saved approximately 11 million kilo liters of gasoline (approximately 2.9 billion gallons US) worldwide compared to the amount used by gasoline-powered vehicles of similar size.

Toyota positions hybrid technologies that enable the use of different fuel combinations—including all component technologies necessary for various types of eco-cars—as core environmental technologies for the twenty-first century. In addition to the development of eco-cars beyond hybrids, Toyota says it will continue to work to raise hybrid vehicle performance and expand its hybrid vehicle lineup while reducing costs, so as to offer a wide-range of vehicles to suit as many consumers as possible.

In 1997 in Japan, TMC launched the Coaster Hybrid EV gasoline-electric hybrid minibus in August and the Prius, the following December. Sales of the Prius began in North America, Europe and other markets in 2000. Toyota has expanded its hybrid lineup to include minivans, SUVs, rear-wheel-drive sedans and compact hatchbacks.



Not ten years ago, GM/Chevron sued Toyota RAV4-EV batteries/assembly lines off the road, plus 32 $million in 'damages'.

Not five years ago, GM was mocking Prius cost.

Not two years ago, a bankrupt - or was it $40B taxpayer bailed-out GM - was behind Prius accelerator investigations and recalls.

Now, there is a Prius family and there will be over 5 MILLION Toyota hybrids on the road this winter.

GM keeps screwing with transportation advances, but may not be bailed-out this next time..


This is a real Toyota Hybrid success story. With the exception for the Tsunami (2011) year, sale have progressed at a very high sustained rate every year.

What is more surprising is the percentage of total hybrid sales in Japan. If the rest of the world would keep up with Japan, yearly hybrid sales would already be 10+ M instead of 1+ M and liquid fuel consumption would already be down 20-25% or so.


This is a great Toyota Hybrid and Japan success story.

If the rest of the world would have followed, yearly hybrid sales would be 10+ M instead of 1+ M and liquid fuel consumption would be down instead of up.

"Toyota estimates that its hybrid vehicles have saved approximately 11 million liters of gasoline"

I might hope they're talking billions of litres here, otherwise it would be a meagre 3 l of fuel savings per vehicle.

To put that 11 billion litres in perspective: that's about a day's worth of global oil production. Sigh, the road is long, very long.

Bob Wallace

Kelly, GM was well underway with bring its PHEV Volt to the market when the housing bubble burst, taking badly run banks down and crashing the economy.

It seems to really bother you that we had to step in and keep all the US car companies from failing, but I don't think you see the big picture. The US car companies did not cause the financial crash of 2008. They had nothing to do with what happened.

GM was readying the Volt, Ford was bringing several new fuel efficient models to market. They were doing "the right thing" when they "got hit by a meteor".


BW, GM was NOT doing the right thing by building/marketing SUV and Hummer gas guzzlers while crushing EVs hybrids. The 'meteor' was insight during decades of decay.

Even now, the Volt is treated as a red-haired 'halo' with with SUVs remaining the bulk of GM's product offering.

If $40B tax dollars can't change a name, don't pretend it changes the corporate 'spots'.

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