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Transonic Combustion Inc., a company focused on developing a supercritical fuel injection system for internal combustion engines (earlier post), closed a $32-million Series D Round of funding.

This $32-million round of financing puts Transonic Combustion on strong footing to continue to execute, deliver and expand development of our product and meet customer commitments. Already achieving early customer successes, this funding will ensure we continue to accelerate advancement of our core product and capitalize on the growing demand for increased fuel efficiency and emission reductions.

—Wolfgang Bullmer, CEO and President

Earlier this year Transonic reported demonstrating its fuel efficient supercritical (SC) fuel injection and combustion system—Transonic Combustion, or TSCi—using gasoline fuel at low load without EGR, medium load with EGR, and high speed low load with EGR.

Using engine test data, Transonic simulated vehicle fuel consumption for a vehicle over the NEDC drive cycle using a 4-cylinder, 1.6L engine. Predicted fuel economy for such a vehicle equipped with the TSCi system was 48.8 mpg US (4.8 L/100km): 4.7% better than a diesel engine (46.6 mpg US/5.05 L/100km) and 24.8% better than the vehicle equipped with 2.0L port fuel injected spark ignition engine (39.1 mpg US/6.0 L/100km).

The company is backed by Venrock, Khosla Ventures, Rustic Canyon and Saints Capital.



Time to get a real engine into something that can be put through the EPA test cycle.

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