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Mayor of Indianapolis announces plan to modernize city fleet to plug-ins and CNG by 2025

Calling it a vital national security issue, Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard (a retired Marine officer and Gulf War veteran) signed Executive Order #6, 2012 making Indianapolis the first city in the nation to require the purchase of either electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles for the city’s non-police fleet, and the use of CNG in heavy-duty vehicles.

Mayor Ballard also outlined steps to modernize the entire city fleet to electric or plug-in hybrid by 2025. Mayor Ballard’s proposal contains the following initiatives:

  • Executive Order #6, 2012 requires the purchasing of electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles for non-police fleet use.

  • The city fleet of approximately 500 non-police fleet cars will be replaced, as needed, saving taxpayers approximately $12,000 per vehicle over the ten-year life cycle of each car.

  • Conversion of heavy fleet vehicles to Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). The city is currently working with partner organizations including Energy Systems Network and finance experts to convert the city’s heavy fleet, including snow plows, trash trucks and fire apparatus to CNG.

  • Developing the world’s first plug-in hybrid police vehicle. The city is seeking to partner with one or more automakers to develop a plug-in hybrid police vehicle that meets the safety, power, electronic and range needs of a modern urban police force. If a plug-in hybrid electric car could achieve just 40 MPG and meet the needs of police officers, city taxpayers would save up to $10 million per year. The city’s current police vehicles average 10 mpg.

Through the efforts of Energy Systems Network working with its industry partners through the Project Plug-IN initiative, Indianapolis has already been recognized by Toyota, Ford and the US Department of Energy as a one of the top communities for deployment of plug-in vehicles and charging stations with more than 200 charging stations installed across Central Indiana.


Pretty Hips McGee

This is a great move on the road to rid us of money tranfers to otherr nations, many of which are commited to our destruction. I read this week that there is a ongoing effort to place CNG pumps in truck stops along the nation's highways. It seems that change is happening faster than I expected possible.


More PR BS.

It will "save taxpayers approximately $12,000 per vehicle".

At what cost?

More PR BS.


“The United States’ current transportation energy model, driven by oil, exacts an enormous cost financially and in
terms of strategic leverage,” said Mayor Ballard, a retired Marine Officer and Gulf War Veteran.

“Our oil dependence in some cases places the fruits of our labor into the hands of dictators united against the people of the United States.”


A voice of sanity from a big-city mayor?  (checks the thermometer in Hell)

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