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GS Battery (USA) Inc.,, the US subsidiary of Japan-based battery maker GS Yuasa, announced the deployment of its Hybrid Energy System (HES) for renewable energy storage and EV charging. Equipped with 48 volts of ECO R advanced lead acid battery technology, the integrated, compact unit is targeted at common renewable energy storage needs and is packaged in an easily installed, indoor/outdoor cabinet.

Nine HES cabinets are in-service with 3 systems deployed by EPRI for the Tennessee Valley Authority SMART Station Program and 6 storage-only systems deployed as part of a complete EV charge station by Oak Ridge National Labs’ US Department of Energy EV Charger trial program.

The HES unit is capable of powering critical loads and has an optional integrated electric vehicle charger plug, level 2 EVSE. The option of combining battery storage with PV power generation gives the HES unit the expanded capability to operate either tied into the grid, as a stand-alone unit or in a hybrid mode.

Rated NEMA 3R, the cabinet is built of outdoor grade aluminum and has a green power coat finish. Additional options include an AC and a DC load centers, a PV charge controller, auxiliary heating and air conditioning, a hydrogen sensor and fan cooling.

Customers are initially deploying the HES systems to store energy supplied by photovoltaic arrays and using this energy to charge electric vehicles. he option of Level 1 and Level 2 charging makes this system ideal for locations installing a stand alone charging station at an affordable cost. Plus, remote monitoring and control are built in making the system accessible anywhere over the internet.

—Jeff Hires, Engineering Manager, GS Battery and the HES designer


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