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Canada Environment Minister to propose exemptions from 2% renewable content in home heating oil and diesel

Canada’s Minister of the Environment, Peter Kent, said he will propose an amendment to the Renewable Fuels Regulations that would see a permanent national exemption from the 2% renewable content requirement in home heating oil, as well as a 6-month extension to the exemption from the 2% renewable content requirement for diesel fuel for Canada’s Maritime Provinces.

Today’s measures will provide flexibility for Maritime Provinces to make adjustments required to comply with the regulations and ensure Canadian families are not penalized for heating their homes with home heating oil.

—Peter Kent

The permanent exemption for Newfoundland and Labrador from the requirement for 2% renewable content in diesel remains unchanged.

The Renewable Fuels Regulations, first published on September 2010, also require an average of 5% renewable content in gasoline.



With plenty of fossil fuel, Canada has nothing to gain from mostly edible corn derived bio-fuels. The exemptions should be permanent.


More oil sales for the PM's friends in Fort McMurray.


yes, it is more and more obvious!

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