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From the sale of the first RX 400h in 2005 through to the end of November this year, Lexus has sold more than 506,000 of its hybrid vehicles. In 2005, 26,000 Lexus hybrids were sold; by 30 November this year the annual total was at 113,000. Today, hybrids account for about 25% of all Lexus sales. Cumulative global sales of all Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC)-produced hybrid vehicles—i.e., including the Lexus brand—since 1997 topped 4.60 million units at the end of October. (Earlier post.)

The RX 400h, launched in 2005, was the world’s first production full hybrid luxury SUV. Succeeded by the RX 450h in 2009, it has claimed the largest share of Lexus hybrid sales (51.2%), with 259,000 units sold through to November this year.

Lexus’s second hybrid model, the GS 450h, was introduced in 2006 and was the first premium production sedan to be fitted with a rear-wheel drive full hybrid powertrain. Global sales have so far reached 32,000, with a significant boost achieved this year following the introduction of the new generation model, with 8,000 units sold between January and November.

The LS 600h extended the range further in 2007, marking another first in being the first production car to use a full hybrid powertrain with a V8 engine. Up to November this year Lexus had sold around 29,000 of its hybrid limousine in standard and LS 600h L long-wheelbase forms.

The HS 250h saloon was Lexus’s first hybrid-only model, launched in Japan and North America in 2009, since when sales have reached close to 56,000 units.

The fifth Lexus hybrid (and its most recent introduction in Europe) is the CT 200h, which debuted in late 2011. It took Lexus hybrid power into the luxury compact/hatchback market for the first time and quickly became a major contributor to Lexus’s global sales. The total units sold have already reached 122,000 units.

The latest expansion of the range is the ES 300h, which went on sale earlier this year and has notched up more than 8,000 sales so far.

Lexus hybrid cumulative sales to end-November 2012
Model Introduction year Global total % of total
RX 400h/450h 2005/2009 259,000 51.2%
GS 450h 2006 32,000 6.3%
LS 600h 2007 29,000 5.7%
HS 250h 2009 56,000 11.1%
CT 200h 2011 122,000 24.1%
ES 300h 2012 8,000 1.6%



Another of those over-priced hybrids selling at three times the rate of overall Corvette sales.


Amazing stats.

The new 2013 Toyota Amazon Hybrid (with the same Hybrid & Mechanical components as the 2013 Camry Hybrid) will do 40+ mpg and may become one of Toyota's best seller.

This car will be very well suited for all those who want more leg room + highway and all around superior comfort + higher quality + trouble free usage.


Wealthy Russians like the RX450h.


Not Bentley's and Mercedes 600??

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