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Neste Oil Corporation has filed a new patent infringement action against Dynamic Fuels, LLC, Syntroleum Corporation, and Tyson Foods, Inc. in the US District Court for the District of Delaware. This follows a patent infringement action filed by Neste Oil in May 2012 (earlier post) against the same defendants concerning infringement of a Neste Oil product patent.

In September 2012, the US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) issued an Order granting Syntroleum Corporation’s request for inter partes re-examination of US Patent No. 8,187,344 held by Neste Oil and the subject of the May lawsuit, and also issued an Office Action rejecting all claims of the patent as obvious in view of the prior art.

The ’344 patent is related to and shares the same inventors as a prior Neste patent (7,279,018), and both are directed to a fuel composition for diesel engines.

The new action relates to infringement of a Neste Oil patent relating to the production process used to produce renewable diesel at Dynamic Fuels’ plant in Geismar, Louisiana.

Neste Oil has protected its proprietary NExBTL technology with a number of patents. We will actively defend this technology, which is very important for the Group’s business, worldwide.

—Matti Hautakangas, Neste Oil’s General Counsel

Neste Oil is currently the world’s leading producer of premium-quality renewable diesel and has approx. 2 million t/a of NExBTL renewable diesel capacity at sites in Singapore, the Netherlands, and Finland.


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