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400 propane school buses ordered for Omaha, Nebraska

The Metropolitan Omaha Education Consortium and Student Transportation, Inc., (STI) are collaborating to deploy more than 400 Blue Bird Propane-Powered Vision school buses. The contract is the largest transportation agreement in STI’s history and is also the biggest single order to date of propane buses for Blue Bird.

The Blue Bird school buses, equipped with ROUSH CleanTech’s dedicated liquid propane autogas fuel system, reduce carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide and total hydrocarbon emissions, and virtually eliminate particulate matter, when compared to conventionally fueled school buses. The buses meet Environmental Protection Agency and California Air Resources Board certification standards.

More than 90% of the US propane supply is produced domestically, with an additional 7% from Canada.

Propane autogas offers reduced fuel and maintenance costs due to its clean-burning properties. On board the buses, noise levels are decreased by 50 percent when compared to diesel counterparts, giving drivers fewer distractions. With more than 17 million vehicles on the road worldwide, propane autogas is the third most commonly used transportation fuel, behind gasoline and diesel.



"propane autogas is the third most commonly used transportation fuel, behind gasoline and diesel"

but not in the US

Jerry John

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