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Umicore to supply NMC Li-ion cathode materials to Evonik Litarion GmbH

Evonik Group subsidiary Evonik Litarion GmbH has selected materials technology group Umicore as the supplier of cathode materials for large format Li-ion batteries for electric vehicles and stationary energy storage systems applications. (Earlier post.)

Umicore’s Cellcore MX, a Li-ion NMC (Nickel, Manganese, Cobalt) cathode material, offers an engineered material solution to optimize electric vehicle requirements of power, energy, safety and battery cycle life.

Evonik Litarion manufactures LITARION electrodes for Li-ion batteries. Evonik has also developed the SEPARION ceramic separator, which reliably separates the anodes and cathodes from each other and makes large-scale lithium-ion cells more efficient and safe. Evonik Litarion acts as a system manufacturer and supplies separators, anodes, and cathodes all from the one source.

Evonik manufactures battery cell components for large format Li-ion batteries in Kamenz, Germany.

Umicore is a global materials technology group focused on four business areas: Catalysis, Energy Materials, Performance Materials and Recycling.


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