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Volt drivers collectively log more than 100M all-electric miles since sales launch

Chevrolet announced that Volt owners collectively have driven more than 100 million all-electric miles since the vehicle went on sale two years ago this month. The average Volt owner travels more than 65% of the time in pure electric mode as the car was designed, only using the gasoline-powered generator for longer trips.

By charging regularly, Volt owners drive approximately 900 miles, or a month and a half, between fill-ups. However, many Volt owners quickly exceed that average, based on an EPA-estimated 98 MPGe that puts electric-only range at 35 mpg city and 40 mpg on the highway, Chevrolet says.

Based on EPA estimates and compared to the average new vehicle sold in the United States, Volt owners are saving about $1,370 a year in fuel costs.



Per GM's ticker, about 62% are on EV. I wonder what caused the discrepancy.

Any word on how many kWh was used for 100 million miles?


It is easy to calculate - 12/kWh per 40 miles.

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