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Report: Honda to launch new 68 mpg Accord hybrid sedan in Japan in June

The Nikkei reports that Honda Motor Co. will launch the new Accord hybrid sedan in Japan in June offering fuel economy of 29 km/l (68 mpg US, 3.4 l/100km). The new Accord hybrid will feature Honda’s two-motor hybrid drive system which will also be applied in the 2014 Accord Plug-in Hybrid. (Earlier post.)

Its mileage will far outpace the 23.4km per liter and 23.2km per liter of Toyota Motor Corp.’s Camry and Crown hybrid sedans. The fuel economy will also be the best among Hondas, beating the Insight hybrid’s 27.2km per liter.

The Accord Hybrid will likely sell for slightly more than 3 million yen. Honda is looking to move around 10,000 units a year. A plug-in Accord Hybrid that can be recharged from ordinary power outlets will also be released in June. This vehicle will be available only for leasing by businesses and municipalities.



I wish the people putting out this information would not just do a simple units translation but would apply a conversion that would at least make a reasonable estimate of what the EPA mileage would be. This car will not get 68 mpg according to the EPA.


The EPA rating is estimated at an excellent 47 mph (combined). That would put the Honda HEV below the Prius III 50 mpg but ahead of Camry/Avalon/Crown 40 mpg.


When people can drive a mid sized sedan that costs under $30,000 and gets over 40 mpg, we have a good product.

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