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Sales of plug-ins in France in 2012 reached 5,663 units for cars and 3,651 for LCVs

AVERE-France, the French hybrid and electric vehicle association, reports that sales of electric vehicles in France reached 5,663 units for cars (VP) and 3,651 units for commercial vehicles (LCV) in 2012, increasing 115% and 117%, respectively, against the 2011 results.

In France, PSA Peugeot Citroën was in first place (2,744 units) in the VP market with the Ion/C-Zero, followed by the Bolloré BlueCar (1,800), followed by the Nissan LEAF (524) and Renault Fluence (343).

France represents 35% of electric sales VP in Europe in 2012, ahead of Norway (15%) and Germany (13%), according to AVERE-France.

On the light commercial side, Renault Kangoo ZE (2,869 units) was the leader.

Gasoline-electric hybrids posted 13,597 registrations, with the majority (76%) from Toyota (10,357 units). Diesel hybrids posted 7,700 units mainly due to Hybrid 4 models of PSA.

Separately, the Automotive Industry Data newsletter reported that new registrations for plug-in cars for the first 11 months of 2011 totalled 22,108 units, accounting for just 0.2% of West Europe’s total new car market.


Henry Gibson

Nuclear automobiles, the lowest CO2 vehicle on the planet. The big Mars rover is direct nuclear and also ZERO CO2. ..HG..


Even if it ran on gasoline, it would contribute CO2 to a different planet, so no problems.


I suspect that the 2013 numbers will also show 100%+ increases, led by the new Renault Zoe and Smart ED.

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