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BYD delivers 500 battery-electric e6 police cars to Shenzhen Public Security Bureau

After being selected through a public bidding process, BYD has delivered 500 battery-electric, e6 police vehicles to the Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau this week. The BYD e6 reaches speeds of over 140 km/h (~87 mph) with a range of 300 km (187 miles), making it suited for the demands of police utility vehicles.

In addition to police vehicles, BYD has deployed more than 300 all-electric, e6 taxis which have been in service in Shenzhen for the last several years, with an accumulated mileage of more than 38.5 million kilometers (or 24 million miles as of 30 December 2012). Individual BYD e6 mileages have reached 250,000 km (or 156,000 miles), equivalent to more than ten years’ service life in a standard consumer car.

The city of Shenzhen also operates 200 BYD pure-electric 12m (40-foot) rapid transit buses which have an accumulated mileage of more than 12.8 million kilometers (or 7.9 million miles). Shenzhen city is currently planning to add 500 additional BYD e6 pure-electric taxis and more than 500 additional BYD electric buses to the public transport system.

Expanding into European markets, BYD and greentomatocars (London’s second largest minicab service) signed a deal in October 2012 to create London’s first all-electric minicab fleet. BYD expects to deliver 50 e6 taxis starting the second quarter of 2013. BYD has also launched a “Zero Down Payment, Zero Effective Costs, Zero Emissions” leasing program in China to alleviate the financial pressures associated with procuring electric vehicles for taxi and public transport companies.

BYD also says it will be launching a new dual mode electric car named “Qin”.



BYD seems to have more and more success in their all out effort to sell electric vehicles to various Chinese and foreign cities including e-taxis, police e-cars, utility e-vehicles and city e-buses.

Beijing, Mexico, Tokyo, London, LA, Chicago and many other Cities should do like Shenzhen to reduce growing harmful pollution created by diesel and gasoline vehicles.

Concurrently, China should do more to produce cleaner e-power.

PS: One of the worst coal fired power station in the world is a mere 10 Km outside Prestina City (Kosovo) and about 4 Km from the local International Airport. The brown/black smoke covers the Airport and most of the City with coal dust 24/7. The smell is awful.


Smell? You mean the stench.

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