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EPA rates Ford Fusion Energi plug-in hybrid with 620-mile range, 21 in EV mode

Ford’s new Fusion Energi—its second plug-in hybrid (PHEV) and its third plug-in electric vehicle on the market—has an EPA-rated total range of up to 620 miles and an all-electric range of 21 miles.

In December 2012, the new PHEV received an EPA rating for fuel economy of up to to 108 MPGe city, 92 MPGe highway and 100 MPGe combined (2.2, 2.6 and 2.4 l/100km-equivalent, respectively). (Earlier post.)

Ford sold more hybrids in the fourth quarter of 2012 than in any other three-month period during the company’s entire history with 19,554 units sold. Fusion Energi is the Ford brand’s fifth electrified vehicle to launch in the past year.

The Fusion Energi has a electric-only speed of 85 mph (137 km/h)—23 mph more than Toyota Prius plug-in. Fusion Energi also delivers total horsepower of 195 (145 kW) with a fully charged battery.



Ford is being sued for EPA 47 mpg C-Max/Fusion ratings.

The EPA ~rates with the vehicle stationary, wheels spinning rollers below 50 av. mph and some computer wind resistance guesswork.

Maybe this compares vehicles, but it ain't real world mpg - like a standard test track or city/interstate route.

Can the EPA be sued for stupid?


I agree that EPA is stupid, but there needs to be some standardized test that compares vehicles. Sueing Ford regarding the C-Max/Fusion ratings does seem to be a way of discouraging/punishing a company for making a better more fuel efficient vehicles however. Perhaps they should have sued them for there F-150 commercials that manipulate weak minded people who may haul the occasional sheet of plywood into thinking they need a truck.

Now remember too, the EPA is the government and as such they work for both the DFL and GOP and if you think that the federal work force is mostly liberal, you have fallen for the scam. The federal workers know that it is in fact the antagonism between the two parties and their attempts to undermine each others efforts that lead to the greatest amount of effort on the part of the federal staff and thus the best opportunity for job security. In other words, the federal workers endeavour to pit the opponents against each other knowing that any subsequent alteration of governmental oversight is an expansion of duties. Job security, because even those that want to decrease government scream that something must be done. Where, in fact, if you want to decrease government, then less must be done. Now, at the moment, the GOP is hammering the ARRA projects. So, thank you GOP, for providing an ever expanding government once again because you lack intelligence, and are concerned about your own individual political careers.


Why are EPA's tests close to real world usage for Japanese Hybrids and so overly generous for North American products?

Is somebody in EPA (positively) biased towards NA Big-3 products?

If so, why the local/national press has not picked it up?

What is going on in The Land of the Free?


It is sad but the EPA and most groups are strictly motivated by politics/political correctness in the US and else where. The media, professors, scientists, large corps, small corps looking for government handouts for research, even the Nobel Prize has deteriorated.


The Fusion Energi plug-in will be rated at 43mpg combined when its running on the gas engine.

The C-Max hybrid will get 47mpg on a steady hwy cruise at 60mph, on flatland.


With a steady 20 mph tail wind?


That someone can construct, and believe some weird theory that the EPA gains by having the two parties fight each other is worrisome.

I believe Ford simply designed the C-Max/Fusion with the EPA test cycle in mind (provide all electric speed up to the EPA highway cruise speed).

Not doing so might be considered stupid.

NOT telling the public that 47 mpg is possible but that normal driving at more than 55 mph will provide more like 40 mpg might turn out to be just as stupid.

It might be worth it to manipulate the weak minded people who believe the EPA numbers and think that better gas mileage is worth it, no matter what it costs.


Only the weak minded people believe Government Motors and $50 billion dollar bailouts are unbiased.


I think the link between Ford on EV MPG and the GM bailout is, in a word, weak.


GM, Chrysler, and Ford are/were US automakers, mostly bailed out with tens of US taxpayer $billions, but foreign Toyota/Prius/their CEO get hauled before US congress for apologies and $billion dollar fines.

Fines for Prius problems that even US NASA scientists COULD NOT FIND

Let's glance at the latest Government(US) Motors/EPA 'fair and balanced' unbiased accessments vs real world.

So, the US government EPA approves printing on car stickers that the over 300 lbs(~10%) heavier, 50(~40%) more horse power than Prius V Fusion hybrid gets an average 5 more mpg.

Thousands of miles of CR driven miles show the real Fusion hybrid mpg is 39, 8 mpg less than EPA 47 mpg and 2 LESS than the roomier Prius V.

For the 'weak minded people' and/or Fox news/US EPA mpg beliver, roughly pretend that if you add the 300 to 500 lb. weight of a few passengers to your car you will get 5 to 10 more miles per gallon.

The real MPG numbers are worse for the C-Max and the Energi weighs 3899 lbs .

Ever notice how the US automaker curb weights aren't usually in the brochures, knowing that every 10% additional weight is roughly 7% worse gas mileage - every day of the life of the car.


Wow, so many conspiracy theories. Where to start?

EPA test are the same for everybody. They are published and can be downloaded.

Why blame Ford when Prius EPA numbers aren't that great? Do you blame other people's kids for being "too smart" when your kid fails an exam? The current Prius isn't significantly more efficient than the second-gen model from 2003. 10 years is a long time in the auto business.


Bernard, did you read, - ok - look at ?

The new Ford hybrid real world(actual) MPGs are ~8 MPG WORSE, as to be expected for much heavier cars than the Prius. But EPA marks the fat Ford ~5 MPG Better, while Prius is a dozen year proven 40-50 MPG vehicle.

Foreign Hyundai/Kia is refunding $millions on a ~1 MPG EPA overstatement. Consumer Reports contends and proves C-Max/Fusion drive train >5 MPG EPA overstatements.

I drove and liked a C-Max, but saw it COULDN'T AVERAGE 47 MPG EVERYWHERE - 47/47/47 MPG.

Note, often when facts/physics/reality proves an argument wrong, the loser yells 'conspiracy theories'.



Of course I know about the CR and Hyundai issues, as do most GCC readers.

The Hyundai thing is unrelated. They provided friction/air resistance numbers that were too optimistic (compared to production cars), and had to re-calculate their ratings accordingly.

What Ford did was to optimize the car to EPA test cycles by using bigger batteries and a stronger electric motor.

I don't know how old you are, but you may recall that the Prius was accused of the same EPA sin when it came out.

The main takaway from this "controversy" is that calculating hybrid fuel consumption is difficult.

The Fusion Energi can spend more time under battery power in EPA tests ("23 mph more than Toyota Prius plug-in"), so it gets better numbers. That's not necessarily a bad thing. If you drive it like the EPA does (relatively short runs starting at full charge), you will indeed use less fuel in the Ford than you would have in the Toyota. That's just physics, as you would write. The Toyota can't take advantage of electric drive when it's not using electric drive (other than to regulate it's planetary gear transmission).


@Bernard, CR found the actual Fusion hybrid mpg 39(-8 of EPA), actual Prius mpg 44(-6 of EPA) and the Prius PHEV is 553 lbs. lighter than the Fusion Energi.

The EPA impact of 5-10 additional Energi electric miles on tests is unclear, but the refunds from five times higher Ford MPG 'overstatements' could seem very related to Hyundai/Kia. implies even Ford knows when something is misleading.

After Bush institutionalized political corruption and gridlock through election fraud, no-WMD wars, and no-bid-contracts - we need to minimumize misleading federal infomation - not excuse it..



The EPA impact of 5-10 additional Energi electric miles on tests is NOT unclear, it's plain as day.
The Fusion Energi can stay in hybrid mode throughout the EPA test cycles, and the Prius can't. That makes a huge difference.
Feel free to blame this on "corruption." Just remember to eat your words when Toyota upgrades the Prius to run the EPA cycle in hybrid mode.


@B, I couldn't locate all the specific EPA driving/stationary 'wind resistance' patterns, etc, and how many electric miles capacity are needed the fully bias EPA MPG results.

"Just remember to eat your words when Toyota upgrades the Prius to run the EPA cycle in hybrid mode."

Frankly, I don't think Toyota really wants to leave 'a winning horse'(hybrid/NiMH batteries), but the present 4.4 kwh li-ion battery gets them a PHEV ~$6,000 cheaper than the Volt.

It also has enough volume for a future battery to ~double
the electric range, whatever the EPA cycle.

I promote EVs, but I've been on enough juries to believe 47/47/47 mpg vs ~39 mpg actual is going to cost Ford - which isn't good for EVs - especially US EVs.

An aside, but if Volt sales tripled over 2011, how is this failure and what other high volume vehicles tripled their annual sales?

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