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CRI Catalyst Company selects KBR to develop engineering packages for IH2 biomass-to-fuels process

CRI Catalyst Company (CRI) selected KBR as the preferred Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) partner supporting licensed design of IH2 technology commercial scale facilities, having greater than 330-tons/day dry biomass feed rates. The IH2 (Integrated Hydropyrolysis and Hydroconversion) is a new thermochemical process that employs a catalyzed fluidized bed hydropyrolysis step followed by an integrated hydroconversion step to directly convert biomass into high-quality, fungible hydrocarbon fuels. (Earlier post.)

IH2 uses proprietary technology developed by the Gas Technology Institute (GTI) and proprietary catalysts developed by CRI. The process is designed to have low environmental impact.

IH2-derived fuels contain less than 1% oxygen and are completely compatible with petroleum-derived fuels.

Under the terms of the contract, KBR will provide Basic Engineering services for broad, full scale commercial deployment of IH2 units.


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