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2012 US sales of plug-in vehicles by major OEMs. Click to enlarge.

GM was the US sales leader among the major OEMs for plug-in vehicles in December, and for 2012. GM sold 2,633 units of the Volt extended range electric vehicle in December, up 72.2% by volume from 1,529 units in December 2011. For the year, GM posted sales of 23,461 Volts, up 205.8% from the 7,671 units in 2011, giving it a dominant lead among the major OEMs in the nascent plug-in vehicles market for the year.

Nissan North America, Inc. (NNA) posted sales of 1,489 units of the LEAF in December, up 56.1% from the 954 units the year before; calendar year sales for the LEAF were 9,819 units, up 1.5% from the 2011 results. While Toyota took second place for the year, with 12,750 units of the Prius PHV plug-in hybrid, it dropped to third place in December with 1,361 units of the PHV.

GM. Overall, total GM deliveries were up 4.9% in December year-over-year to 245,733 vehicles. December was also GM’s best retail sales month of 2012, up 38% from November.

Total GM passenger car sales in 2012 increased 14% compared with 2011. Crossover sales were up 2% and sales of trucks, which include pickups, vans and SUVs, were equal to 2011. GM pickup sales were the highest since September 2008. Combined mini, small and compact car sales were up 52% year-over-year driven by continued strong Buick Verano, Chevrolet Spark and Sonic sales; a 27% increase for the Chevrolet Cruze; and the 72% increase for the Chevrolet Volt.

For 2011, GM sold 2,595,717 vehicles, up 3.7% from the 2,503,820 sold in 2011.

Toyota. Toyota Motor Sales (TMS), USA, Inc. sold 1,361 units of the Prius PHV in December in the US, bringing the total for the year to 12,750 units. Overall, the full Prius family sold 20,040 units in December, an increase of 17.9% by volume over the December 2011 tally of 17,004. For the year, the Prius family saw sales of 236,659 units, a 73.4% increase over 2011.

December family results included 12,536 units of the Prius sedan (62.6%), down 4.7% from December 2011; 2,992 units of the Prius V (14.9%), down 22.3% from December 2011; 3,151 units of the Prius C (15.7%); and the 1,361 units of the PHV (6.8%).

For the full year, the Prius sedan accounted for 147,507 units (62.3%); the Prius V, 40,669 units (17.2%); the Prius C, 35,733 units (15.1%); and the PHV’s 12,750 units (5.4%).

All TMS hybrid sales in 2012 totaled 327,413 units, up 83.3% over 2011. The Toyota Division posted year-end sales of 289,163 hybrids, an increase of more than 90%; of those hybrids, the Prius family accounted for almost 82%.

Overall, TMS, reported annual sales of 2,082,504 vehicles, up 26.6% over 2011. Toyota attributed the strong 2012 sales largely to the introduction of 19 all-new or substantially redesigned vehicles, the most aggressive new product launch in the company’s history.

Nissan. Overall, Nissan reported record US calendar year sales of 1,141,656 units versus 1,042,534 in 2011, an increase of 9.5% and the first time that the Nissan brand sold more than 1 million units in a calendar year. December Nissan North America sales were 99,290, down 1.6% from the prior year.

Ford. After a strong initial showing in November, with 1,259 units sold, Ford’s C-MAX Energi sales dropped down to 971 units in December, with 2,374 total for the few months it had been on sale in 2012. Sales of the battery-electric Ford Focus were 167 units in December, bringing the total for the year to 685 units.

In the first four months of sales, 13,309 C-MAX vehicles (including both conventional and plug-in models) were sold, making it the fastest sales start of any hybrid vehicle in the industry.

Ford also posted sales of 3,244 units of the Fusion Hybrid in December, with 14,100 for the year. The plug-in version of the Fusion Hybrid is going on sale.

Overall, Ford sold 35,034 hybrids in 2012, up 29% from 2011. Ford’s US sales grew across the board in 2012, with cars up 5%, utilities up 7%, and trucks up 2% for the year. Sales of Ford’s small cars were up 29% in 2012, with 316,006 vehicles sold; Focus sales gained 40% during the year.

Honda. American Honda sold 19 units of the Fit-EV in December, bring the total for the year to 93. Overall, American Honda posted annual vehicle sales of 1,422,785 units in 2012, up 24.0% compared with 2011. This makes 2012 American Honda’s fourth-best sales year ever, and its best sales result since 2008.

The three top-selling Honda models for 2012 were Accord, 331,872; Civic, 317,909; and CR-V, 281,652. Civic sets all-time December record with sales of 33,118 units, up 61.2% from last year, although sales of the Civic Hybrid in the month were down 9.4% to 512 units.

For the full year, sales of the Civic Hybrid were up 52.2% to 7,156 units; sales of the Insight Hybrid were down 62.4% to 5,846 units; sales of the CR-Z were down 63% to 4,192 units; and the ILX Hybrid posted 972 units.

Full-year sales of the FCX Clarity hydrogen fuel cell vehicle were 5 units, up from 2 in 2011.



It should be mentioned that PiP went on sale late March, 2012 and it was available only in the launch states.

Volt and Leaf have been available nation wide.


Can sales of PHEVs and BEVs and HEVs and Diesels can be compared? They are not the same.


Average per month in 2012
1) 1955 Volt
2) 1273 Plug-In-Prius
3) _818 LEAF

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