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SMK Electronics to introduce 1 megapixel high-definition camera for automotive vision systems

SMK Electronics Corporation, a leading global manufacturer of OEM components, remote controls and consumer electronics accessories, is introducing the automotive industry’s first 1 Megapixel HD camera for automobile vision systems at this year’s International 2013 CES.

SMK’s new HDR automotive-grade camera, which can be fitted with a variety of optically-corrected coated lenses for increased durability and performance, delivers a dynamic range of 115db. Packaged as a 48x48x48mm component, SMK’s new 1 megapixel camera meets all automotive temperature and mechanical standards, and is environmentally-sealed to IP67 specifications.

Featuring a wide angle lens and advanced HDR imaging sensor, our new camera, which is optimized for automotive integration, is a cost-effective solution for manufacturers integrating in-dash and forward-facing vision systems into high- and mid-range product offerings.

—Paul Evans, President SMK Electronics Corporation

The wide-angle low-distortion lens features field angles of 160° horizontal and 105° vertical, with an F value of 2.5 and a 30fps maximum frame rate. Video is delivered via LVDS (low-voltage differential signaling), USB or wireless protocols.



When you can develop a quick response camera that will work in the daylight and at night, without washing out from bright lights, for use as a rear view mirror, then you will have something for the marketplace. I wonder how the Audi attempt at doing this is working out?

Anyone can make a backup camera; but, a full time rear view camera is much more difficult.


The indicated 1 mp must be a mistake since these very low resolution camera have not been built for the last 10 years or so. Could be 10 mp?


The important thing here is the 115 DB dynamic range. This means it will work day and night and not get washed out.
The number of pixels is not such a big deal - 1 Mpix is presumably enough. You have to try to analyse these at 30 FPS, so you don't want any more pixels than are necessary.
1280 x 720 pixels would be plenty.



This is a video camera, not a still camera. The resolution doesn't need to be any higher than the display.

The critical specs are the dynamic range (day, night, shadow/sun on a clear day), spectral sensitivity (IR for night vision?), and the refresh rate. 30fps is adequate, but 60fps would be better.

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